Candle Refill Service


Vibes will now offer a soy wax candle refill service to promote the longevity of your containers and reduce waste.

We will offer drop offs at all of our citywide events. Check our social media pages for upcoming events.

Why use a candle refill service?

You love beautiful candles in ornate containers and want to continue using them, sustain the life of beautiful products and reduce waste. Bonus - it's a fraction of the cost of buying new candles!

Here's how it works:

  1. Figure out the size of your vessel. No need to clean out any used wax, we’ll gladly tackle that mess for you! Featured image has examples of our refill sizes from S-XL. 
  2. Select your scent.
  3. We’ll contact you with a meet-up location to deliver your new candle!


I can’t tell how many ounces my container is for the refill. How can I measure?

If your container doesn't have a label to state how many ounces it is, simply fill with water and pour into a measuring cup to determine ounces.

If your container is a candle, you can also try visiting the makers website and look in the product description.

Can I get a refill on a double wick candle?

Yes, however please note that we will use cotton wicks for the double wick candles (rather than wooden wicks for single-wicked candles).

Any questions can be directed to our team at

With love,

The Vibes Tribe